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Human Remains Found In Burt County

Posted: 13 December, 2012

LYONS - The Nebraska State Patrol is assisting the Lyons Police Department with an investigation into the discovery of a partial human skull near Lyons. The skull was turned over to the Lyons Police Department in early November after being uncovered by a contractor excavating land near Lyons. A forensic examination of the skull determined it was that of a middle-aged woman. In connection with the discovery, the Nebraska State Patrol is assisting the Lyons Police Department with the gathering of DNA evidence from the 1995 disappearance case of Wanda Krumwiede for additional forensic examination and testing. Wanda Krumwiede was reported missing in June of 1995. Her husband, Wilhelm Krumwiede was charged with her murder, but was acquitted of the crime in two separate trials. Wilhelm Krumwiede passed away in 2003. “At this point it is premature to link the finding with the disappearance 18 years ago of Wanda Krumwiede,” said Nebraska State Patrol Investigative Lieutenant Randy Morehead. “It is our hope that DNA testing can be done and when completed we will be able to identify the remains.”

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