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NSAA Announces Academic All-State Selections

Posted: 20 December, 2012

Below is the list of area students who were selected to the NSAA Academic All-State list, and their respective activity.


Boys Cross-Country: Luke Pulfer, Bryce Sebade
Girls Cross-Country: Martha Mitiku, Angie Nelson
Football: Jalen Barry, Ramsey Jorgensen
Girls Golf: Cassidy Wiese, Marissa Wiese
Play Production: Casey Dalager, Samantha Long
Softball: Victoria Kranz, Emily Leeper
Volleyball: Jessica Biermann, Emma Evetovich
Boys Cross-Country: Colin Hansen
Football: Brian Greunke
Play Production: Bridget Gray, Colin Hansen
Volleyball: Bridget Gray, Shannon Gray
Play Production: Erica Brandow, Ryan Lunz
Volleyball: Erin Gubbels, Kiley Thompson
Football: Alec Fuelberth, Riley Haug
Girls Golf: Sara Pinkelman
Play Production: Rachel Flaugh, Alec Fuelberth
Volleyball: Justine Fischer, Courtney Hochstein
Hartington Cedar Catholic
Football: Grant Dickes, Frank Herbolsheimer
Girls Golf: Kelsey Christensen, Brittany Kramer
Play Production: Siera Becker, Adam Pinkelman
Volleyball: Siera Becker, Katelyn Dickes
Boys Cross-Country: Justin Korth, Nick Schmit
Girls Cross-Country: Daisha Jorgensen, Kali Lenhoff
Football: Jacob Svitak, Nathan Tunink
Play Production: Allison Backer, Justin Korth
Volleyball: Kirsten Fink, Kathryn Kuchta
Boys Cross-Country: Benny Oliver, Austin Weborg
Girls Cross-Country: Angie Dunn, Leigh Heese
Football: Benjamin Burmester, Klint Conroy
Play Production: Rebecca Dahlman
Volleyball: Kate Nelson
Football: Samuel Burki, Aaron Carlson
Play Production: Erin Persinger, Mattie Schweers
Volleyball: Madison Charlson, Krystal Richards
Play Production: Rebecka Mackling, Jennifer Martin
Volleyball: Marisa Blanke, Brittany Pallas

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