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Third Round Scores From Great Northeast Nebraska Shootout

Posted: 30 December, 2012

Game 17 (Girls):
Laurel-Concord/Coleridge 55 - Battle Creek 24

Game 18 (Boys):
Battle Creek 58 - Laurel-Concord/Coleridge 45

Game 19 (Girls):
Boone Central/Newman Grove 48 - West Point-Beemer 47

Game 20 (Boys):
West Point-Beemer 57 - Pender 48

Game 21 (Girls):
Wayne 52 - Adams Central 34

Game 22 (Boys):
Boone Central/Newman Grove 54 - Hartington CC 51

Game 23 (Girls):
Pender 54 - Hartington CC 34

Game 24 (Boys):
Adams Central 28 - Wayne 24

Final Standings-
1st- Pender
2nd- Hartington CC
3rd- Wayne
4th- Adams Central
5th- Boone Central/Newman Grove
6th- West Point-Beemer
7th- Laurel-Concord/Coleridge
8th- Battle Creek

1st- Adams Central
2nd- Wayne
3rd- Boone Central/Newman Grove
4th- Hartington CC
5th- West Point-Beemer
6th- Pender
7th- Battle Creek
8th- Laurel-Concord/Coleridge

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