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City Council Gives Go-Ahead To Start Bidding On Street Project

Posted: 06 February, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - The Wayne City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting last night. Items on the agenda included the approval of the one and six year street improvement plan, as presented by Joel Hansen. Relating to that was the approval of the authorization for staff to begin the bid process for the east 10th to Windom Street project. The project includes fixing three and a half blocks of 10th street on the south side of the WSC campus east to Windom Street. The project is currently estimated at a cost of $550,000, and will need to be completed by August 9. The Council also approved the purchase of Rainbow turf-bonded surface that will be placed underneath the new park equipment in Western Ridge. The meeting ended with the approval and appointment of Ellen Imdieke to the Library Board. The City Council will next meet on February 19.

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