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Kelvin Wurdeman To Face Second Recall Petition

Posted: 08 February, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - District 1 Wayne County Commissioner Kelvin Wurdeman is facing another possible recall, less than three months after successfully blocking the first attempt. In the fall, Wurdeman pled no contest to charges of theft by unlawful taking and official misconduct stemming from an incident where he allegedly sold scrap metal owned by Wayne County to a business in Norfolk. Wurdeman allegedly had the check made out in his son’s name and forged the signature in order to cash the check. Wurdeman did say that the money was never actually in his possession, that it was instead put in the District 1 petty cash fund. According to information from Wayne County Clerk Deb Finn, the current recall petition  was brought to life on January 24 by rural Wayne resident Jerold Meyer. Wurdeman was notified of the recall petition on January 25 and has until February 13 to file his defense statement. The original recall petition that ran in the fall was circulated by Kelly Hammer, but was dismissed due to problems with the wording.

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