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Blue Devil Boys Are C1-4 Runner-up

Posted: 26 February, 2013

BATTLE CREEK (KTCH/KCTY) - In a chance to win an outright bid to the Class C1 state tournament, the Wayne High boys’ basketball team faced off against Boone Central/Newman Grove in the C1-4 District championship Monday night. The Blue Devils jumped ahead early, leading 19-8. However, The Cardinals would go on a 12-0 scoring run to end the second quarter. At halftime, the score favored Boone Central/Newman Grove 20-19. The Cardinals led for much of the second half, as Wayne would only pull as close as five points. The final score favored the Cardinals 51-38, giving them the district championship and automatic bid to the state tournament. Boone Central/Newman Grove’s Derek Gentrup led all scorers with 17 points, while Wyatt Mazour had 15. For Wayne, Jalen Barry led with 15 points and Grant Anderson had 12. Because Wahoo beat Boys Town 69-62 last night, it is believed that Wayne will receive a wildcard spot in the state tournament.

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