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Easter Egg Hunt Rules

Posted: 09 April, 2014

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  • Two-part clues are given on KCTY-AM 1590 and Big Red Country 104.9 FM weekdays, part one in the morning and both parts in the afternoon.
  • Each clue is given on the radio for one day only.
  • Clues from previous days can be seen in printed form only at participating sponsors.
  • Sponsors do not get the most recent clue until the day after it runs on the radio.
  • Clues tell you what the so called “egg” is and where it is.  It could be anything.
  • Clues are always in plain sight.  You don't have to dig, move, climb or destroy anything to find it.
  • Clues are not on private property.  Stay in areas open to the public.  Avoid dangerous places.
  • The person who finds the “egg” and brings it to our studios just off Highway 35 a mile west of Wayne (85592 574th Ave.) wins all the prizes.

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