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Lawmakers Advance Measure To Create State Tax Study

Posted: 21 March, 2013

LINCOLN (AP) - Lawmakers ended a filibuster and voted to advance a measure that would launch a study on Nebraska's tax system. The Legislature invoked cloture Wednesday after eight hours of debating a bill to create a Nebraska tax modernization commission. Lawmakers then voted 47-1 to advance the bill. Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers mounted a filibuster on the bill in an attempt to kill it. Since Friday, Chambers has incrementally changed words to re-craft the bill, which he says is poorly written. Senator Paul Schumacher of Columbus introduced the legislation to find ways to update the state's outdated tax policy. Members of the Legislature's Revenue Committee and other committee heads would sit on the panel until December 2015. Lawmakers can reauthorize the panel if needed.

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