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City Of Wayne Circulating Survey Regarding On-Street Parking

Posted: 16 April, 2013

WAYNE - The City of Wayne has recently started circulating a survey regarding on-street overnight parking. The three question survey asks whether residents would support allowing 24-hour parking on all residential streets in Wayne, 24-hour parking only on residential streets that are three blocks away or farther from the Wayne State College campus, or a one-year trial period of on-street parking in residential areas.
According to City Administrator Lowell Johnson, the Wayne City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting overnight parking on most streets in the mid 1960's at the request of residents in the area around the campus. The reasoning at the time was that more students were bringing cars to college and leaving them parked long term along the streets, leaving few places to park and making now removal more complicated in the winter.  
Johnson said that during the May 2000 primary election, there was a special election issue on the city ballot to rescind the ban on overnight parking on the streets. The ballot language was:  “Should Wayne City Code Sections 5-434, Northeast Quadrant, 5-436 Northwest Quadrant, 5-438 Southeast Quadrant and 5-440 Southwest Quadrant that prohibit parking on  public streets from midnight to 5am be repealed?” Voters did not approve the repeal.
Johnson noted that there have been a recent number of contacts regarding another look at the repeal. Mayor Ken Chamberlain asked members of the City of Wayne to find a sense of where the public stands on the issue, since parking in Wayne is a common discussion topic. Once the survey is complete, the results will be available to the mayor, the council and to the public.

The survey is being mailed to Wayne residents in the form of a stamped post card.

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