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Energy Systems And Water Tower Cleaning Discussed At Wayne City Council

Posted: 17 April, 2013

WAYNE (KCTH/KCTY) - The Wayne City Council had its regular meeting last night in front of an audience of over 15 people. The first item up was the presentation of the dividend check to Mayor Ken Chamberlain from Cap Peterson of Northeast Nebraska Insurance Agency.

The council also voted unanimously to table on the topic of moving from Energy Star rating system to the updated HERTZ system when building houses and apartments. Lou Benscoter of Wayne informed the council at length about the system to better inform the group on their decision. They decided 7 to 0 to table it to do further research on the system before making a final decision.

Also on the agenda was the decision to move to approve a 15 year agreement to clean the two water towers with a company the city has used in the past at a lower cost per inspection than is currently being paid. The City of Wayne will now get its water towers cleaned every four years and the cost will go up from $23,575 to $27,500 over that span. Garry Poutre showed a detailed video that demonstrated exactly what goes into cleaning the water towers.

One of the last agenda items was accepting the resignation of council member Jim Van Delden of Ward one, which the Council reluctantly did. The Council will next meet on May 7.

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