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The Wayne-Wakefield baseball game in Pender has been postponed till Monday, May 2. The Blue Devils will face Arlington at 4:30 p.m. followed by a varsity only game against. Thurston-Cuming County at Hank Overin Field in Wayne.

Omaha Marathon Director Stepping Up Security

Posted: 18 April, 2013

OMAHA (AP) - The director of the Omaha Marathon says the bombing in Boston will make her more vigilant about security, but she doubts it will diminish the popularity of marathons.  Director Susie Smisek said Tuesday security for the Omaha race generally has been focused on keeping runners safe from vehicle traffic. She said other security threats will now get more scrutiny when the marathon is held Sept. 22. Smisek said it will be important to “watch out for something that might not look right.” Smisek said marathons have increased in popularity in recent years because more people are health conscious.  She said Boston will continue to be on runners’ minds for a while but that participation in marathons probably won’t decline.  The next marathon in Nebraska is May 5 in Lincoln.


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