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NDOR Seeking Input On Two NE Nebraska Road Projects

Posted: 22 April, 2013

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) is seeking comments on two proposed Nebraska Highway 45 (N-45) and Nebraska Highway 121 (N-121) projects in and south of Tilden and north of Battle Creek. No public meeting is planned at this time.
A public information meeting was held at the Tilden Public Library on May 17, 2012, for the Tilden South project.  Comments from that meeting were considered and several suggestions incorporated into design and construction plans. NDOR is now assessing the Tilden South project and the In Tilden & Battle Creek North projects together to consider the cumulative impacts to the public.
The Tilden South project would begin at the Nebraska Highway 32 (N-32) and N-45 junction and proceed north along N-45, into Tilden, and stop at 10th Street. The proposed project would consist of “rubblizing” the existing concrete pavement on the south portion of the project and resurfacing with asphalt. The improvements on the asphalt on the north portion of the project would consist of milling and resurfacing with asphalt. New lighting would be installed at the intersection of N-45 and N-32. 
The In Tilden & Battle Creek North project would have two parts, the first from 10th Street in Tilden north through Tilden to the intersection of US-275. The second part would begin north of Battle Creek and run north of N-121 to the junction of US-275. The proposed construction of N-45 would consist of concrete pavement repair, milling and resurfacing with asphalt. The improvements on N-121 would consist of milling, trench widening and resurfacing with asphalt. A right-turn lane from eastbound US-275 to southbound N-121 would be constructed. New lighting would be installed at the intersection of N-121 and US-275. This project would resurface the N-45 crossing at the Cowboy Trail, a state recreational path passing through north Tilden. Impacts to the Trail would be temporary.
Both projects are planned for relatively the same season and could begin as early as late spring of 2014. Completion could be as early as late fall of the same year.
Information regarding the proposed projects may be found at the NDOR website: http://www.nebraskatransportation.org/projects/at the “Tilden” projects link. 
The public is encouraged to make suggestions or express concerns regarding the proposed project. Written comments should be submitted by May 20 to: Greg Weinert, Public Participation Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Roads, P.O. Box 94759, Lincoln, NE  68509-4759; greg.weinert@nebraska.gov; voice telephone (402) 479-4871, TDD telephone (402) 479-3834, Fax (402) 479-3989.

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