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City Of Wayne Sewer Cleaning To Begin

Posted: 20 May, 2013

WAYNE - During the weeks of May 20th and 27th, 2013.  the City of Wayne Sewer Department will be having sewer mains cleaned in various parts of the City. Included in this will be the areas in the east side of Wayne between Nebraska St. and Dearborn St.. as well as Vintage Hills. In the west side of Wayne this will be done in the areas of Oak Dr. to Douglas St. south of 3rd St., and areas west of Sherman St. and north of 11th St.  Other areas may be done as well.
In this process, high pressure water is forced through the sewer pipe to clean it. This pushes solid materials to the manholes so they can be removed by vacuuming.  This entire process is necessary to keep obstructions out of the sewer system and to insure proper drainage of waste.
Residents should be aware that when this process is done, the high pressure water pushes the air in the sewer line which occasionally enters the private sewer lines into homes and businesses. If this happens, it usually results in the air exiting through toilet bowls, shooting the water out of the toilet bowl.  This air should exit through the sewer vent of the building, but inadequate venting or location of toilets can cause the air to exit through the toilet. This is a rare occurrence, and keeping the lid closed on the toilet during this time will keep most of the water in the bowl rather than on the floor.  
If you have questions please call the City office at 375-1733.

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