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Corn Growers Making Up For Late Start

Posted: 22 May, 2013

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Corn growers across the Midwest have made up for lost time in a big way from a slow start to planting season after a waterlogged spring. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says 71 percent of the corn crop in key grain states is sowed. That's up from just 28 percent a week ago, though the pace remains behind the average of the previous five years of 79 percent.  Huge strides are being made in Iowa, where the 71 percent of the state's corn crop is in the ground is more than quadruple where it stood a week ago. Three-quarters of Illinois' corn crop is sown, as is 70 percent of the crop in neighboring Missouri. At this time last year, nearly all the corn crop had been planted.

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