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A Message from Governor Dave Heineman. I won't run for U.S. Senate in 2014

Posted: 25 May, 2013

Dear Friends:
After careful consideration of all of the issues involved in a race for the United

States Senate, I have decided to keep my focus on being the best Governor that I can for the citizens of Nebraska.  Every day, I enjoy the challenges and opportunities of being the Governor of the best State in America.

We are going to continue to focus on tax relief and tax reform for

Nebraska’s middle class families, expanding job opportunities for Nebraskans, and improving Nebraska’s education system by strengthening academic achievement.

I want to thank you, my friends, our supporters and the citizens of

Nebraska for your encouragement and your support. You are very important to Sally and me

A race for the United States Senate would distract from the State’s priorities of tax relief, job creation and education.


Dave Heineman


National Broadcasters Association Member 2017