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Power And Airport Regulations Discussed At City Council

Posted: 17 July, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - The Wayne City Council held its regular meeting last night. Early on the agenda was a presentation of future wholesale power contract options for the city by Andrew Ross of Municipal Energy Association of Nebraska. Nebraska Public Power District is asking the City of Wayne to forgo the remaining nine years of its current 20 year contract, and sign a new 25 year contract. The contract state that the City has to buy all power from NPPD, and 25 years would be a long period of time to commit to that obligation. Because of that, the City has sent bid requests to other power providers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Wayne’s power needs are estimated at $120-$130 million, and the City has chosen not to commit to anything until they see other options. Currently, NPPD pays the City of Wayne $650,000 a year to lease the power plant, which is owned by the city. But in return, Wayne pays $1.2 million a year for the power plant.

Also discussed was the Rattlesnake Creek wind project which is in development in an area between Wakefield, Allen and Emerson. Wayne is being brought into the equation because of the airport. The state of Nebraska has a 10 mile protection area for airports, and because there will be several 400 foot high wind turbines in the area, location of the turbines will need to be further discussed. The airport board is in negotiations with the developer, TradeWind Energy as to what could be done.

There was also an update on the 10th Street, Main to Windom improvement project. The construction is on schedule as planned, and should be completed by August 9. The Council approved a change order on the project, so that fly ash could be purchased and blended into the soil, which will allow for better compaction.

The Council will next meet on August 6.

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