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Number Of Cyclosporiasis Cases Has Increased

Posted: 19 July, 2013

OMAHA (AP) - The number of people reporting a food-borne intestinal illness believed to have come from a contaminated vegetable has climbed to 62 in Nebraska. The cases of cyclosporiasis are confined mostly to Douglas County in eastern Nebraska and are likely linked to Iowa, where 102 people in 29 counties were confirmed sick as of Thursday.  Dallas County, Texas, is now reporting 10 cases with others also confirmed elsewhere in the state.  Public health officials in all three states say the illness, which causes prolonged diarrhea, is rare. It comes from eating food or drinking water contaminated with feces containing the cyclospora parasite.  Official say the illnesses began in June, leading them to believe whatever produce caused it may have been eaten or thrown away by now.

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