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Treasurer's Office Returns More Than $52,000 At State Fair

Posted: 09 September, 2013

GRAND ISLAND (AP) - More than $52,000 in unclaimed property was returned to Nebraskans who visited the state treasurer's booth at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island that ended Monday. 
State Treasurer Don Stenberg says 133 claims totaling $52,279 were filed by visitors to the booth during the 10-day fair. One claim for $15,761 was paid to a McCook resident. Other claims ranged in size from $7.59 to $960, which was paid to an Ashland woman.  Stenberg says the amount was three times the amount of claims paid during last year's Nebraska State Fair.  More than $7 million has been paid so far in 2013 to 11,730 owners, averaging almost $600 a claim.

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