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City Council To Discuss Response Plan For Potential Attacks

Posted: 17 September, 2013

WAYNE - The Wayne City Council will hold its regular meeting tonight. Included on the agenda is an item that will explore the development of a community-wide response plan for any attack on area schools or children’s facilities. According to the packet for tonight’s meeting, one of the main City Council retreat goals has been to establish a community-wide plan for an attack on a school or public facility to make the most effective use of the law enforcement personnel available. Currently, if city dispatchers receive a 911 call about a danger or attack, local police and sheriff officers will be the closest to respond, followed by state patrol and neighboring law enforcement. The Council will look to develop a plan that will answer such questions as how will they respond? What are the schools’ policies? Where do the parents go? How can they find out what’s going on? This Council action will set a time table for the stakeholders involved to develop a plan of action.

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