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Sign up and save a life Wednesday at the Wayne Community Blood Drive! The Wayne Fire Department will be hosting the Blood Drive from noon till 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at 510 Tomar Drive. Schedule a blood donation appointment online at lifeservebloodcenter.org or call 800-287-4903.
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Cancellations for Friday, 11/20

Posted: 11/19/2015

School is cancelled Friday for:

Wayne Public Schools & St. Mary's
Tower School in Wayne
Laurel-Concord & Coleridge

Wayne Senior Center is closed Friday.  No meals and no public transportation.

Wakefield Senior Center is closed.
Wakefield’s Near New is closed.

The Plainview WIC and Immunization Clinic is closed

The fish and chicken at the Wayne Vet Club is cancelled.

The Thanksgiving Supper at the Wayne Eagles is cancelled.

The Wayne High School Winter Sports Kick off Scheduled for Friday November 20th at the Wayne High School Gym has been postponed till November 30th at 8 pm.

The Tour of Home is cancelled for tonight. They will have extended hours tomorrow from 11am till 5pm.

The Carroll Craft Fair is still going on today. They are advising venders and travelers to use caution before traveling out.

The Wayne County Extension office will be closing today at 3:30pm.

Northeast Community College in Norfolk is closing at 4pm with no evening classes or activities.

Fred G. Dale Planetarium Shows Cancellation This Evening. Shows are still scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 21. Astronaut at 2pm and Cosmic Colors at 3pm.

Wakefield Boy Scouts will not be picking up paper and can this Saturday, November 14thIf you have paper or cans that you need pick before the December 19th pick up date please contact Cheryl Roberts 402-369-1884 or Ed Haglund at 402-369-3628.

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